5 Reasons You Need A Safe

If you’re considering purchasing a home safe you may be surprised by all of the reasons it will be a good investment. Plenty of people buy for one particular purpose and then wish they had bought a larger one once they discover all of the additional uses a safe can have. Consider these 5 reasons for owning one. Think about how many apply to your life and how large the interior space will need to be to accommodate all of your safekeeping needs.

1. Protecting Items from Thieves

Everything from your rare coin collection to your first-edition Stephen King can be a target for thieves. Small, precious items that can be carried off and pawned easily should be kept in a safe. This is especially true if you frequently have house guests or live in an area where break-ins occur often.

2. Protection from Natural Disasters

If your home was to catch fire or be put underwater in a flood, what irreplaceable documents and possessions would you lose? Items such as your family Bible, the original deed to your house, original birth certificates, genealogy research, and old photographs should be protected. If your collection of documents and pictures are too large for a safe, you can also digitize them and keep the discs in your safe. Safes can stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them, so you can feel secure that your irreplaceable treasures will be kept pristine despite natural disasters.

3. Safeguarding Guns and Other Weapons

Whether you like to target shoot, hunt, or just want to keep a weapon for home protection, keeping the weapon out of the reach of children is a high priority. Guns are not the only weapons that should be locked away. You should also lock away:

• Hunting bows and arrows
• Razor-sharp hunting or filleting knives
• Bayonets
• Throwing blades and other martial arts weapons

If you do intend to store guns or weapons, don’t forget to consider space for the ammunition. Always consider whether or not you plan to add any more weapons to your collection, and take your future plans into account when selecting your safe size.

4. Locking Up Gold and Other Tangible Investments

Gold and silver ingots, bearer’s bonds, stock certificates, coins made of precious metals and cash should be kept under lock and key. These items can easily be pawned or sold, making them attractive for thieves. Natural disasters and fires can also destroy them, causing you to lose your entire investment.

5. Storing Dangerous Medication

For those who take dangerous medications, leaving the bottles in the medicine cabinet may not be the best idea. Children, mentally-handicapped adults, and adults with dementia need to be protected from these medicines, and a safe offers complete security. Depending on your living situation, using a safe to guard your meds may be essential.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for a home safe. Think carefully about what you will be storing inside, now and in the future. This will help you better decide how large of a safe you will need to keep all of your expensive, irreplaceable, or dangerous items under lock and key.

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